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ITI Treatment Guide: Volume 1 (English)

Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone

Esthetics represents an indispensable aspect of oral rehabilitation. This first volume of the ITI Treatment Guide focuses on implant therapy for single-tooth edentulous spaces in the esthetic zone. It takes its readers through the entire process, starting with the assessment of the patient's individual esthetic risk profile and proceeding to ideal three-dimensional implant placement and proven prosthetic management options. The various aspects are illustrated using patient case studies. Detailed illustrations serve to clarify any potential ambiguities. An analysis of potential complications in esthetic implant dentistry completes this first volume.

Among potential topics for upcoming volumes are loading protocols in implant dentistry in fully and partially edentulous patients, implant placement in extraction sockets, and implant therapy in the esthetic zone in extended edentulous spaces.


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